Introducing Professor Pointer

Who is Professor Pointer?

Why was the Professor created?

Is the Professor Interesting? ... Is he a character?

Is the Professor smart?

Is the Professor Philosophical?

Is the Professor Successful?

Sharing Knowledge and Technology! Professor Pointer's Motto: Leave No Learner behind!

ETDRI's Professor Pointer™ (a web-based Professor) is a product of Cognitive Sciences, Webpage HTML5 , Instructional Design and Applied Research developments.
(ETDRI has been developing web-based S.T.E.M. lesson delivery solutions -- for mixed-grade level TechEd classrooms(grade 7 - 12) -- using Large Project Engineering Design Principles since 2011.)
ETDRI is a proud supporter of FIRST Robotics, initiator of the Sarnia Library Makerspace(2014) and developer of the The Cyberspace Channel™ -- created by Kirk Charette for Ontario Education, (c) 2016
ETDRI's 'TechEd Training Centre' and EduBid™ sponsored Community-Project management developments are products of ongoing Applied Research -- in support of Ontario STEM Education.